1994The media tycoon is elected prime minister after forming a

1994The media tycoon is elected prime minister after forming a

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high quality Replica Hermes Click on the years below to navigate through the timeline.The 1990s1993Berlusconi founds the centre right political party Forza Italia. He tells voters his new party will offer an the best replica hermes birkin bags alternative to older political parties tainted by corruption scandals.1994The media tycoon is elected prime minister after forming a coalition with the National Alliance hermes replica clutch and hermes diamond belt replica Northern League. After squabbling with his coalition partners and fighting an indictment for tax fraud, Berlusconi’s government collapses just eight months later.1996Berlusconi loses the election to centre left rival Romano Prodi, an economics professor.1998Berlusconi is convicted of bribing tax inspectors, accounting fraud and of making illegal political donations in three separate trials. high quality Replica Hermes

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